Located at 602 East 600 North in Provo, this community is unlike any other BYU housing you've seen.

A Premier Lifestyle at BYU Provo Housing

The Village at South Campus offers the ideal sanctuary for Brigham Young University students. Our five-acre apartment complex is host to a wide array of high-end amenities, spacious living areas, contemporary-style apartment units, and plenty of other features.

We offer a safe, beautiful and modern community that allows over 900 BYU students to enjoy comfortable and luxurious living with rates starting at $410 a month.

The Perks of Living at The Village at South Campus

Even before The Village was officially opened to the public, it was already at 92 percent occupancy and counting. Here are some of the reasons why The Village has become among the most preferred BYU Provo housing today:

About The Village at South Campus

The Village at South Campus was built to provide students with BYU Provo housing in a community that is vibrant and conducive to its residents’ learning as well as their personal growth and development.

The developers of the apartment complex built it with the main goal of presenting students with a community that can provide them with such a positive experience that when they look back on The Village many years down the road, they would be able to recollect some of the fondest memories that they’ve created.

To learn more about The Village or to check out our model units, call us at 888-889-2674 today.

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